Media Diet 11/18-11/24

📍 Democrats Should Talk About Place-Based Policy

America should make it easier for people to move—toward new places and possibilities, toward better versions of themselves. And America should make it better for people who stay.

🤰🏼 More Pregnancy, Less Crime

A striking chart of crime rates before, during, and after giving birth. Most interesting is that the correlation extends to men as their spouses give birth as well.

🌗 What a Designer Need to Know About iOS Dark Mode When Working with a Developer

A good explanation and excellent sample app to see how iOS system colors change between light and dark modes.

💻 Gitmoji

A guide to emojis and their definitions for use in git commit messages.

📝 Lists: Best of the 2010s Decade

An aggregation of Best of 2010s lists. Just like all of those year-end lists, but for the decade!

🎶 Oyelo Atjazz Remixes

Brandon Titus @bjtitus