Media Diet 11/11-11/17

📚 Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record

  • Worth reading, at times long-winded, but the amount of thought that went into the information releas is absolutely worth the coverage.
  • Really loved the 2nd and 3rd Parts.
  • History leading up to his decision to release documents. Many people overlook the televised hearing where James Clapper lied about these programs.
  • Deeper technical detail about how documents were smuggled out and released to journalists, including Tor, Tails, Kismet

🧠 Unknown Unknowns: The Problem of Hypocognition

How do we combat psychological biases and unknown unknowns? Well this article doesn’t have too many suggestions but always a good reminder to remain cognizant of them.

🎃 Japan’s Jimi “Mundane” Halloween Contest of 2019

Starbucks face swap, “woman with glasses who drank a hot beverage” are my favorite, and “guy who is about to win in ‘Old Maid’” are my favorites.

🐕 Here’s a better way to convert dog years to human years, scientists say | Science

🎶 Apple Music’s Max Roach Essentials album

Brandon Titus @bjtitus