Media Diet 9/15-9/22

Elizabeth Warren Interview - Some nice bits about her teaching career.

Edward Snowden on Fresh Air - Some good updates and a couple of stories I hadn’t heard before. Just started reading the new book.

Fall of Civilizations podcast - Fantastic series with better production value than most.

Animated Pixel Art map of the US

Best iPhone 11 Camera Review from iphonedo

An alternative to Unicorns: Crickets

Rolling Stone profile on Mitch McConnell

It was already becoming clear that, in the political world of Mitch McConnell, convictions and campaign pledges were fungible things, easily tossed aside. Throughout his career, as the Republican Party veered right, and then further right, McConnell moved with it.

The need for new economic statistics (2018)

How Datacenter locations are driven by 19th century politics

Brandon Titus @bjtitus