🔗 There is some incredibly messed up stuff going on in here: www.revealnews.org/article/f…

Summarizing a circulated internal memo on how to “educate developers” Facebook’s on business practices:

“Friendly Fraud – what it is, why it’s challenging, and why you shouldn’t try to block it.” “Friendly fraud” is the term Facebook used when children spent money on games without their parent’s permission.

Rather than trying to stop children from making costly mistakes, the document stated that developers should just give free virtual items to users who complain, things such as flaming swords, extra lives and other in-game enhancements.

This was better than refunding money to kids because as the Facebook employee said in her message, “Virtual goods bear no cost.”

At what point is fraud “friendly” and when does the FTC or CFPB begin to investigate this stuff?

And this from an unsealed email: > And for those customers who turned to their credit cards for help, Facebook was devising another strategy. It would design a program that automatically disputed customer’s chargeback requests, without even bothering to review the merits of those requests, according to another unsealed document.

It seems like this bit would really piss off card issuers.

Brandon Titus @bjtitus